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Post - "The Inside Man"

In which things are still a little tense after a case wraps up.

Gibbs drove Tony back to his house that nightCollapse )


Note: We're back! More canon-parallel adventures coming soon!

Post - "Truth or Consequences"

In which Gibbs and Tony decompress and reconnect after the rescue.

I'm the wild card.Collapse )

Epilogue - Season Six

Ups, downs, suspicion and choice.

Gibbs dismounted his horse (whose name, he learned, was Big Red) with a low grunt as his knees protested every step.Collapse )

We're back! Sorry we were gone for so long, but we wanted to make sure we did justice to everything that happened. Hope everyone had a great holiday and wish everyone a Happy New Year.

We won!

Thanks to everyone who voted for our "Frame-Up" tag as the best post-ep/missing scene for the ncis_awards!!!

Our Boys also won a Hinky Award over at the NFA Board :D

We faced some very stiff competition, and I was just happy to be nominated in either forum, but wasn't expecting to actually win.

Thanks again to our fabulous readers and fans, and to piwrit_queen, who continues to make this series a joy to co-write.

-- onlyonechoice/tanya


onlyonechoice here :)

Given things that Our Boys have said to one another and the fact that Season 7 hasn't begun to reveal its beginning secrets just yet, Rudi and I are waiting out the first 2-3 episodes of the season before wrapping up Season 6 with weighted_scales to make sure that:

a) the characters stay true to canon and to each other, and

b) to make sure we don't have to retcon too much in case canon throws us a curve ball.

Thanks so much to our readers, whose feedback has been cherished and re-read often. We may not comment to it, but we appreciate it so very much. We hope to keep giving you interesting stories to read as long as we have canon to work with!

I've already made a note to set my DVR for 9/22.

Thanks again, readers!

-- onlyonechoice/tanya

Post - "Silent Night"

In which the holiday season brings a hope for peace.

Have you apologized to Jethro yet?Collapse )

Post - "Heartland"

In which a trip to Gibbs' hometown becomes so much more than a case.

Tony sulked in Abby's lab and took a dejected pull from her CafPow.Collapse )


In which changes and opportunities force Tony and Gibbs to adapt as needed, in more aspects than expected.

He snapped the phone closed with a decidedly troubled mind, and stretched out on the couch as he waited for Tony to get back from his run.Collapse )